When I was 18 my mother gave me a card with two paths on it.  I took that as a sign that we have choices to make in life and our choices are ours alone.

But what stayed with me more for the past 20 years was the image of this adventurous girl (for she is a girl in the image, not a woman yet) with a pack on her back out to explore the unknown with a smile on her face and a skip in her step.  It was exciting!

What I found as I stepped out everywhere I went was beauty in the world.  Not the beauty that makes the world stop that everyone knows about (you know - sunsets and starry skies) but beauty in mundane places.

My first serious set of landscape drawings was from the side of a motorway - scenes that people pass every day at speed and often don't see.

People say my paintings capture the moment of a place - and remind them of what it feels like to be there.

20 years on, I still paint the beauty around me - most often in the landscape, sometimes in people or the manmade.  Usually, I am drawn in by colour, movement in the landscape or a sense of space or stillness - a snapshot of place and time.  I'm lucky.  I still travel - and when I stand still and take a moment to look around, the world is still beautiful.

There is something that draws me in to that day, that moment, that place - reflection of colour in the hills - the blue of an empty, endless sky, turbulent clouds rising.  The studies I make plain air take me back to the feeling of that day when I am in the studio and the story becomes bigger - pushing its way onto the canvas.  

Every painting has a moment, a story.